Convert to LPG!


Why should you convert your car to LPG?
  1. EUR 200 Government Grant
  2. FREE Check up after 1000 km
  3. SAVE MONEY up to 50% off current fuel expenditure
  4. PRIORTY use of bus lanes - quicker travelling time
  5. GO GREEN! LPG powered vehicles produce fewer harmful emission to our environment
  6. CONVENIENT fill up stations in Malta
  7. REPLACEMENT  VEHICLE courtesy vehicle offered whilst LPG installation is performed
  8. SAFETY  FIRST LPG systems are fitted with numerous safety devices and design considerations to ensure maximum safety quality
  9. WARRANTY 2 year warranty offered on Zavoli LPG Kits
  10. CERTIFIED installations (MRA Approved)
  11. ZAVOLI  PRODUCT leaders in designing and manufacturing of LPG equipment with more than 20 years of experience


Send us a digital copy of your log book for more detailed information on how to convert your vehicle model to LPG on: or call us: 2326 4593