Muscats Motors is one of the four car companies within the Mizzi organisation’s automotive division. Founded in 1943/44, Muscats Motors is one of the oldest car distributorships in Malta. Muscats Motors started its distributorship representing Jaguar and Land Rover, which was followed by Alfa Romeo and then Austin Morris models of MINI & Marina.

In 1978 when the Japanese brands started ‘invading’ the local scene Daihatsu was added to the Muscats Motors portfolio, which was followed by BMW & MINI.

As the name implies, Muscats Motors originally belonged to the Muscat family, who built the still existing garage in Gzira. The Mizzi family bought not just the building but also the Muscat name under which it has continued to trade ever since. The building has won awards for its architectural merits and is now protected by law.

During the war, the Muscats building was given over to the RAF who used it to maintain the engines of Spitfires that were based here. This, so the family lore has it, was the reason why the building was bombed during the hostilities.

Muscats Motors is the franchise holder for BMW, MINI, Land Rover, Jaguar, MG and Authorised Repairers / Parts Distributors for Citroen and Daihatsu.